Analytics and Forecasting

At Aspect Ratio, we use the power of advanced analytics to address various business needs such as optimising inventory, recognising the right markets, predicting demands. With the forecasts that we make based on insights from various data sources, we collaborate with clients to deliver strategic solutions for every complex problem. Check out our Analytics and Forecasting Case study for a Pharmaceutical Client

Customer Profiling

We mine extensive databases provided by the clients to analyze their profiles. Once we run a deep analysis, we offer recommendations for marketing and business strategies. This helps the clients in boosting their sales. Check out our Customer Profiling Case study for a Beauty Salon Chain

Excel Automation

We at Aspect Ratio help structure unstructured data, to build dynamic dashboards. Our cost-effective data analysis tools based on spreadsheets and macros, react to the changing needs of management. Check out our Excel Automation Case study for a Financial Services Company